1901 Vine Street N300
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln NE 68588
FAX: 402-472-3139

Business Center Group II Operations Manager: TBD

Business Manager: Julia Brunkow
Phone: 402-472-8853

Regular Office Hours: Monday though Friday – 8:00am to 5:00pm

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General Information

The Beadle Business Center (BBC) is a unit within the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) and the UNL city campus, with principal financial and human resources support to our supported customer departments and units: Center for Plant Science Innovation, Biochemistry; Center for Biotechnology; and Redox Biology Center, Microbiology. We support units that also report to the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Beadle Business team is a team of professionals that work closely with students, staff, and faculty to serve their needs in grant and budget development and administration, financial management, human resources, payroll management, purchasing, and IT. The Beadle Business Center strives to develop and maintain a work environment that fosters creativity, teamwork and communication. By working together as a team we provide training opportunities and professional development in line with each person’s talents and strengths.

Beadle Business Center Personnel:


Operations Manager, 402-472-1548, 150 VBS Annex EC 0905.

  • Cross Functional Manger that ensures organizational- effectiveness and consistency by providing strategic & operations leadership and management for Business Center (BC) Group II and the Director of BC Operations, IANR F & P.
  • Provides Overall guidance to Business Center Group (BCG) II (Beadle and HAPPI) in Fiscal Management, Human Resources and Grants / Contracts Administration.
  • Provides guidance to BCG II Unit Administrators, Faculty and Staff in fiscal management / budgeting.
  • Serves as liaison to IANR Finance & Personnel, IANR Deans & VC offices, CAS Dean’s office, VC for Research, the VC for Academic Affairs, and all other UNL functional offices in the management of fiscal & human resources issues. 

Julia Brunkow

Business Manager II, 472-8853, N300B, Beadle Center, CC 0665, jbrunkow2@unl.edu.

  • Provides overall management to the Business Center staff in Finance, Grants, Accounting, Procurement, Travel and other Business related administration actions.
  • Provide overall guidance to unit administrators, faculty, staff, and students in fiscal management, human resources and grants/contract administration.
  • Monitors Foundation accounts for Center for Plant Science and Center of Biotechnology.
Julia Brunkow

Financial Staff:


BCGII Finance/Grant Specialist, 472-7410, N300 BEAD, CC 0665.

  • Account management (pre and post award) for all the Center for Plant Science Innovation and Center for Biotechnology grants.
  • Account management for some Biochemistry grants (post award) and manages Biochemistry service centers.
  • Responsible for Personnel Activity Reports and cost share associated with relevant grant accounts

Lisa Vonfeldt

Financial Specialist, 472-9260, N300 BEAD, CC 0665, lvonfeldt2@unl.edu.

  • Account management for Biochemistry, PSI and Biotech state accounts
  • Handles accounts payable/receivable
  • Pcard reconciler
  • Monitor Service Centers for Biotech
Lisa Vonfeldt

Andrew Loseke

Finance Grant Specialist, 472-1522, 202C Keim Hall, EC 0915, aloseke2@unl.edu.

  • Account management (pre and post award) for Biochemistry and Biotech grants
  • Monitors Service Centers and all service contracts
  • Monitors Service Centers and revolving accounts for Biochemistry
  • Responsible for PVS reports and cost share associated with relevant grant accounts
Andrew Loseke

Greyson Kirby

Finance Grant Specialist, 472-1348, N300 BEAD, CC 0665, gkirby2@unl.edu.

  • Account management (post award) for PSI and Biotech.
  • Responsible for PVS reports and cost share associated with relevant grant accounts.
  • Tuition Remission and Grad Health for Beadle.
Greyson Kirby

Human Resources Staff:

Niveen Dineh

HR/Personnel Coordinator, 472-4545, N300 BEAD, CC 0665, ndineh2@unl.edu.

  • Time auditing
  • Onboarding
  • Fund changes
  • Building access
Niveen Dineh

Purchasing Staff:

Les Acree

Finance Associate, 472-2635, N300 BEAD, CC 0665, lacree2@unl.edu.

  • Processes all purchase orders and requisitions through eShop and SAP
  • Point of contact for vending machine concerns
  • Processes accounts receivable for the Center for Biotechnology and the Center for Plant Science Innovation
  • Provides backup to travel and non-travel reimbursements, invoicing for service centers and monitoring of state accounts for Center for Biotechnology.
Les Acree

Computing Staff:

Nathan Wiest

Computer Support, 472-4527, N103 BEAD, CC 665, nathan.wiest@unl.edu.

  • Server & Desktop Support
  • Website/Kiosk Support
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Technology Purchasing Support
Nathan Wiest

Receiving Staff:

Alan Muthersbaugh

Supply Control Supervisor, 472-4580, E119 BEAD, CC 0666, alanm@unl.edu.

  • Receiving team leader
  • Point of contact for FM & P Building Assistance for all of Beadle
  • Coordinates and reviews all capital equipment inventory in Beadle
  • Maintains the Receiving Supply Center and orders replacement items through eSHOP
Alan Muthersbaugh

Les Acree

Supply Control Assistant, 472-4580, E119 BEAD, CC 0666, lacree2@unl.edu.

  • Responsible for receiving and shipping for the Beadle labs
  • Serves as a backup to Purchasing through eSHOP and SAP
  • Assists Supply Control Supervisor with inventory control
Les Acree

Miscellaneous Services:


Administrative Associate, 472-1384, N300 BEAD, CC 0665.

  • Point of contact for scheduling conference rooms
  • Serves as a BMR for all of Beadle
  • Oversee and maintains the Beadle list serve


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