Welcome to the IANR Business Centers

Your Business Center is your first stop when you have a question about personnel issues, business transactions, submissions, or policy.

IANR Business Operations Mission Statement

IANR Business Operations is a cohesive team that provides professional service, efficient resource management, and effective solution development in a dynamic environment with integrity, accountability and focus on the customer.

IANR Directors of Business Operation

Provides overall coordination and guidance to the IANR Business Center operation in fiscal management, human resources, payroll and grant/contract management.

On Campus

Lauren Madsen

Location icon313E Agricultural Hall
Lincoln NE 68582-0705

phone icon  402-472-2786

mail icon  lmadsen2@unl.edu

Lauren Madsen

Off Campus

Ruby Urban

Location icon1071 County Road G
Ithaca NE 68033-2234

phone icon  402-624-8009

mail icon  rurban1@unl.edu

Ruby Urban