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NRBC Business Center Hours (Effective 11/16/2020)


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237 Hardin Hall (North Wing)
3310 Holdrege Street
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln NE 68583-0972
FAX: 402-472-4915

Operations Manager: Corey Cook
Phone: 402-472-5536

Regular Office Hours: Monday though Friday – 6:30am to 5:00pm

General Information

The Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) is a unit within the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR), with principal financial and human resources support to our supported customer departments and units: Environmental Studies Program, Nebraska Forest Service (NFS), Nebraska LEAD Program, Nebraska Statewide Arboretum (NSA), School of Natural Resources, and Department of Statistics. We also support units that also report to the College of Arts and Sciences.

The NRBC team works together to provide professional services, resource and human resource management, and solution development and implementation with the highest levels of integrity, accountability, and customer focus.

Major activities include budget development and administration, financial management services, human resources and payroll management, and grant development and support.

NRBC Personnel

Corey Cook

Operations Manager, 472-5536, 237a Hardin Hall, EC 0972,

  • Provides overall guidance to Business Center staff in fiscal management, human resources and grants/contract administration.
  • Provides guidance to unit administrators, faculty and staff in fiscal management/budgeting.
  • Serves as liaison to IANR Finance & Personnel, IANR Deans & VC offices, CAS Dean’s office, VC for Research, the VC for Academic Affairs, and all other UNL functional offices in the management of fiscal & human resources issues. 
Corey Cook

Financial Section:

Kyle Bogus

Financial Specialist, 472-6703, 237c Hardin Hall, EC 0972,

  • Financial team leader.
  • Provides fiscal coordination and account management for the Nebraska Forest Service, NSA, Nebraska LEAD Program, CESU, and Soils/Drilling/CSD.
  • Provides fiscal coordination and account management for the Resiliency Center.
  • Annual review and submission of service center rates.
  • Concur financial reviewer and approver.
Kyle Bogus

Alison Reckewey

Administrative Assistant, 472-7214, 340 Hardin Hall, EC 0963,

  • Provides fiscal coordination for Statistics accounts.
  • Provides account management for Statistics service centers and foundation accounts.
  • Reconciles purchasing card transactions.
Alison Reckewey

Cheri Huisenga

Financial Associate, 472-7788, 237b Hardin Hall, EC 0972,

  • Provides fiscal coordination and account management for HPRCC and Nebraska State Climate Office.
  • Concur financial reviewer and approver.
  • Handles Office Depot eSHOP orders, campus requisitions, and P-Card purchasing.
  • Coordinates hourly employee's time entries.
  • Assists students and faculty with VISA applications and student new hire paperwork.
  • Handles cash deposits and monthly vehicle logs.
Cheri Huisenga

Lisa Beethe

Financial Specialist and Pre-Grant Specialist, 472-8876, 237g Hardin Hall, EC 0972,

  • Pre-Award Grant Development including grant proposal review, budget development, confirming cost share documentation and match commitments, processing and routing.
  • Provides fiscal coordination and account management for the NDMC, Forestry, and Mead Farm.
  • Provides fiscal coordination and account management for CALMIT and the Nebraska Fish & Wildlife COOP
  • Handles revenue contracts.
  • Concur financial reviewer and approver.
Lisa Beethe

Pat (DeStefano) Wemhoff

Purchasing Specialist, 472-8726, 237d Hardin Hall, EC 0972,

  • Handles accounts payable/receivable, purchase orders, P-Card purchasing, internal billing transactions(IBTs), warrant requests, and expense contracts.
  • Procurement expert and eShop liaison for IANR.
  • Maintains inventory of SNR’s capital assets and desirable equipment.
Pat (DeStefano) Wemhoff

Anh Trinh

Financial Associate, 472-7701, 237h Hardin Hall, EC 0972,

  • Provides fiscal coordination and account management for Fisheries and Wildlife, Environmental Studies, Nebraska Maps & More, and Department of Statistics.
  • Provides fiscal coordination and account management for Transportation Billings, Vehicle Logs, and Monthly Billing for Cartography and Mileage
  • Concur financial reviewer and approver.
  • Notary Public
Anh Trinh

Human Resources Section:

Leonita Masek

Human Resources Manager, 472-0833, 237i Hardin Hall,  EC 0972.

  • Human Resources team leader.
  • Handles HR issues relating to student hires, staff and faculty positions (creating and filling regular and temporary positions, classifying and reclassifying positions, personnel and supervisor issues).
  • Provides guidance in the search and interview process.
  • Handles all aspects of payroll administration; processes new hire paperwork; assists with classification of student and on-call/temp employee wages, and monitors appointment end dates.
Leonita Masek

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