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Ruby Urban

General Information

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Greater Nebraska Business Center (GNBC) is a partnership within the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) that performs specialized business services for faculty and staff whose work locations are across “Greater Nebraska.” Departments served by the GNBC include the following:

The GNBC also provides business services to the 83 Nebraska Extension county offices whose faculty bring University of Nebraska expertise and research to share with individuals, families, businesses and communities. In addition, the GNBC personnel team provides support to the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) located at Curtis.

The GNBC team works together to provide excellent, high-quality professional services with the highest levels of integrity, accountability and customer focus for the departments and their faculty, staff, students and clients. Major activities include budget development and administration, financial management services, human resources and payroll management, and grant development and management. By leveraging expertise to develop best business practices, review internal controls, and solve problems jointly, the business center concept improves business processes in a cost effective manner. The framework of a business center also provides the mechanism for improving communications by sharing innovative ideas, improving use of technology, and managing change.

Greater Nebraska Business Center Personnel

Eastern Nebraska
Name Position Work Phone Email Responsibilities
Ruby Urban Director, IANR Business Operations Greater Nebraska 402-624-8009 REEC and NCTA Off-Campus Business Operations
Sarah Hansen Business Manager 402-624-8035 Manage ENREEC, HAL, SCAL, & HG Business Operations; supervise BC staff (Extension Zones 7/8/9/11)
Nancy Chapek Finance Specialist 402-624-8014 General ENREEC Finance and Post Award (Extension Zones 7/8/9/11)
Wendy Winstead Finance Coordinator 402-584-3824 County Extension Financial Processes, P-Card and Ledger Reconciliation (Extension Engagement Zones 7/8/9/11), AP/AR/CASHNet (ENREEC, EZ 7/8/9/11)
Carmel Most Finance Associate 402-624-8085 ESS Time Entry Reviewer; AR/AP Financial Processes (ENREEC & EZ), ENREEC events
Joni Ringdahl Finance Coordinator 402-624-8002 AR/AP; Procurement; CASHNet, Purchasing Card and Financial Reconciliation (ENREEC, HAL, SCAL, GNBC, HG) (EZ 7,8,9 &and11)
Kay Klundt Office Supervisor 402-624-8084 Co-Travel Coordinator & Delegate (ENREEC, SCAL, EZ 7/8/9/11, GNBC)
Lisa Hastings Finance Specialist 402-624-8039 State-Aided Budget and A/R (EZ 7/8/9/11, ENREEC, SCAL, HAL, GNBC); LB429 Contracts, Ledger Reconciliation
Lisa Leahy HR/Payroll Coordinator 402-624-8094 Human Resources: Backup ESS Time Entry Reviewer, PAFs, Electronic Personnel Records, On/Off Boarding (ENREEC, SCAL, HAL, GNBC, HG, EZ 7/8/9/11), Purchasing Card Reconciliation (ENREEC, HAL, SCAL)
Lisa Moravec Office Associate/Husker Genetics 402-624-8020 Travel Delegate (HG)
Lori French HR/Payroll Coordinator - Lead 402-624-8036 Human Resources: Backup ESS Time Entry Reviewer, PAFs, On/Off Boarding (ENREEC, SCAL, HAL, GNBC, HG, EZ 7/8/9/11)
Mary Jarvi Office Associate 402-584-3828 Co-Travel Coordinator and Delegate (ENREEC HAL and EZs)
TBD Finance Specialist ENREEC, Haskell Ag Lab & South Central Ag Lab Procurement; NUFFO, Donor, Revolving & Service Centers Ledger Reconciliation; NU Foundation and UNL Misc Donors Transactions (ENREEC, EZ 7/8/9/11)
William Duly Finance Coordinator 402-624-8086 AR/AP; Procurement; CASHNet, Purchasing Card & Financial Reconciliation (ENREEC, HAL, SCAL, GNBC, HG)
Andrew Lowe (IANR F&P) IANR HR Associate 402-372-5730 In addition to IANR HR Support, Travel Coordinator (EZ 7/8/9/11)
Panhandle Research and Extension Center
Name Position Work Phone Email Responsibilities
Stefani Cruz Business Manager I 308-633-3802 Business Operations/Budget (PHREEC); Grants & Contracts, Pre- and Post-award PHREEC and EZ 1 & 2; Service Centers; HR File Record Retention
Danna Walker HR/Payroll Coordinator 308-632-1230 Human Resources New Hires/Payroll Coordinator, PAFs, On/Off Boarding (PHREEC, EZ 1 & 2); Bank Reconciliation
Sharon Fiscus Finance Associate- Temporary 308-632-1230 On-Call; Grant, State, Revolving Reconciliation (PHREEC); Record Retention
Pamela (Pam) Joern Finance Specialist 402-632-1257 Service Centers; Purchasing; Back-up Contract Processing; Back-Up Purchasing Card Reconciliation (PHREEC)
Ashley Jochem Finance Associate 308-633-2332 AR/AP; Purchasing Card Reconciliation; Purchasing; Accounting Record Retention (PHREEC); County Financial Processing (EZ 1 & 2)
Deidra McCarthy Administrative Associate 308-632-1255 Travel Coordinator (PHREC); Specialist support; Director support
Kayla Smith Office Associate 308-632-1230 Co-Travel Coordinator; Back Up Receptionist; Specialists and Educators
Leslie Snyder Office Assistant/Housing Coordinator 308-632-1230 Housing Coordinator; Co-Travel Coordinator (PHREEC); Receptionist; Specialists and Educators; Receptionist
West Central Research and Extension Center
Name Position Work Phone Email Responsibilities
Stephanie Cole Business Manager II 308-696-6719 WCREEC Business Operations: Grants & Contracts, Post-award (WCREEC and EX 3/4/5/6/10), Service Centers, Budget
Alecia Hothan Grants Specialist (IANR F&P) 308-696-6730 REEC/Ext Engagement Grants Pre-Award Statewide
TBD Administrative Associate 308-696-6701 Co-Travel Coordinator (WCREEC)
Kari Eidenmueller HR/Payroll Coordinator- Lead 308-696-6731 Human Resources WCREEC, NCTA, and EZs 3/4/5/6/10, ESS Time Reviewer, Research Revolving Ledger Reconciliation (WCREEC)
Angie Mohr Finance Specialist 308-696-6738 Post-award NE Engagement and WCREEC, Grant Reconciliation
Chandra Hawley Finance Coordinator 308-696-6741 County Financial Processing (EZ 3/4/5/6/10)
Pat Neben Finance Specialist 308-696-6722 EZ Business Coordinator & GNBC County Financial Lead; Educator Travel Coordinator & Delegate (PHREEC & WCREEC)
Jacqueline Herrick Office Associate 308-696-6740 Co-Travel Coordinator and Delegate (WCREEC and NCTA Back-Up), State Cost Object Reconciliation (WCREEC)
Susan O'Keefe Finance Associate 308-696-6732 AR/AP; Purchasing; Revolving Account Reconciliations; Purchase Card Reconciliation (WCREEC)
TBD Payroll Associate 308-696-6751 NCTA and WCREEC Personnel Processing, ESS Time Reviewer; Grant Ledger Reconciliation