University Travel Website is Here!


The new university-wide travel website is now available through a tile in Firefly. You can also access the site via the following URL:

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This new website features a step-by-step overview of the travel process, both domestic and international. The site also contains a link to the travel policy, information on booking for non-employees, as well as the Concur travel help videos and reference guides.

Your Business Center is your first stop when you have a question about personnel issues, business transactions, submissions, or policy.

The general University of Nebraska Travel Policy can be Downloaded Here

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Unusual Business Travel Circumstances

If there are special circumstances that occurred on a business trip, please provide the details. This additional information helps the AP processors as they review/approve expense report(s). It may also reduce the number of inquiries the AP processors make to get clarification on questionable expenses that do not fit the nature of a standard trip.

Business Trip Includes Personal Travel

Expenses incurred during the personal travel are not reimbursable. When personal travel is combined with business travel the start/end dates and times for the business travel and the start/end times for the personal travel should be clearly stated on the reimbursement request. The personal date/times should be entered in the “Personal Dates of Travel” field or the “Comments To/From Approvers/Processors” field.


Travel Forms and Instructions

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Travel Services Page