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New international travel form aims to better serve NU travelers


Effective in January 2020, University of Nebraska faculty and staff will be asked to complete a new electronic questionnaire prior to all international travel that will help ensure a consistent approval and reimbursement process across the NU system.

In order to prepare for this process, please be sure to log in to NuRamp at https://nuramp.nebraska.edu login using your TrueYou credentials.

The questionnaire, already in place at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, will soon go live at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of Nebraska at Kearney, and University of Nebraska Medical Center, as well as for University of Nebraska Central Administration. All faculty and staff seeking to travel should continue to submit their requests through Concur as they currently do. Beginning in January, when the intended destination is outside the United States, a questionnaire will be automatically generated through NuRamp, the new administrative platform being implemented across University of Nebraska campuses.

The NuRamp platform will then send the employee a link to the questionnaire. The brief questionnaire – much of which will be automatically populated from Concur travel requests – will ask for information on the purpose of the travel, whether items are being shipped, and so on.

Once the employee completes the questionnaire, it will be routed to the export control office on the appropriate campus for approval.

The process aims to ensure that employees are advised on appropriate travel requirements, including any necessary documentation for shipped items; that they have access to university-provided resources like travel insurance and travel alerts; and that they are reimbursed for their travel. A standard electronic format will also ensure efficiency and consistency across NU campuses.

If faculty and staff have questions, they are invited to contact Sam Padilla at (402) 559-9328 or spadilla@nebraska.edu

University Travel Website is Here!


The new university-wide travel website is now available through a tile in Firefly. You can also access the site via the following URL: https://nebraska.edu/travel

Firefly image

This new website features a step-by-step overview of the travel process, both domestic and international. The site also contains a link to the travel policy, information on booking for non-employees, as well as the Concur travel help videos and reference guides.

Your Business Center is your first stop when you have a question about personnel issues, business transactions, submissions, or policy.

The general University of Nebraska Travel Policy can be Downloaded Here

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Unusual Business Travel Circumstances

If there are special circumstances that occurred on a business trip, please provide the details. This additional information helps the AP processors as they review/approve expense report(s). It may also reduce the number of inquiries the AP processors make to get clarification on questionable expenses that do not fit the nature of a standard trip.

Business Trip Includes Personal Travel

Expenses incurred during the personal travel are not reimbursable. When personal travel is combined with business travel the start/end dates and times for the business travel and the start/end times for the personal travel should be clearly stated on the reimbursement request. The personal date/times should be entered in the “Personal Dates of Travel” field or the “Comments To/From Approvers/Processors” field.


Travel Forms and Instructions

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Travel Services Page